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she's going to transition from what when he call a warm core storm into a cold core storm and have probably a lower pressure as she's a cold core storm and makes landfall preparation as close to us as rehoboth beach and then points inland. here's the tropical satellite. she does not look crazy impressive now. she's right off the coast of florida, so it's not quite of big as system as it was. it's weakened. we knew that. hurricane center had it weakening a little bit and it has. it still has a fair amount of convection, but the big bands of rain are still essentially offshore. now here's the track. winds are 75 miles per hour. this is brand-new 5:00. this just cleared. gusts are 90 miles per hour. it will leave the bahamas alone tonight. it will make that turn to the northeast and this has been very consistent over the past three days. it will parallel the southeast coast. that's going to spare charleston and wilmington and
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savannah, maybe get buffetted briefly with some tropical storm storm winds. that's about it. sunday at 2:00 it begins to turn more north, less easterly drift and then starts to switch back north and west and this is the turn that we are concerned about, right across essentially ocean city, rehoboth, very close to our shores there and then it goes back and drifts and sits in north central p.a. is this the worse scenario? no. is it a bad scenario? yes. we're talking about winds even 65 miles per hour as it moves inland across the northern bay. so this is going to be a major storm. it's going to affect a tremendously densely populated area from d.c. up to new york and possibly all the way up into boston and again the time frame for us is monday night and tuesday. that's when the highest winds will occur. we'll have winds before then, but monday night and tuesday is the highest point of winds and the heaviest rain. we will come talk about things you can do the next couple days to prepare.
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as hurricane sandy continues to churn out there on the atlantic coast, pepco is gearing up for what could be a disasterous weather smackdown through our region, once again, many thousands of us are likely to be in the dark, perhaps for days, but this is also an opportunity, a chance for pepco to demonstrate that it's learned a few things from the recent storms when, of course, many customers ended up frustrated and furious. earlier today they held a news conference addressing these concerns and our ken molestina was there. he is live now with what they had to say for themselves. >> reporter: i want to show you something here in my hand, a news release pepco put out earlier today. take a look. in this news release they're saying we can expect extensive outages, devastating damages possible, restoration could take days. of course, folks, these are not comforting words for people who remember pepco's response back in the derecho storm during the
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summer, especially for folks in this potomac neighborhood who remember what it was like to not have power for such a long time and now as everybody is bracing for the storm coming our way, people are starting to be prepared and get concerned about pepco's preparedness. >> a big willow oak right there about 95 feet tall, it just went down across the street there. >> reporter: richard sanderson remembers the recent derecho storm that toppled his tree and left him without power for days. >> we went down into the basement. >> reporter: and now that a looming 100 year storm is in our forecast these residents who are still rebounding from the last storm are abrasion themselves for yet another hit. frank hopes pepco learned from their response during the derecho and he is relying on them to be ready this time. >> it's very important because we depend on electricity for so many things, to keep the food from spoiling and heat in the house. >> reporter: at a news conference earlier today pepco officials announced their plans to bring in up to would
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thousand 500 additional linemen -- 2,500 additional linemen and 400 extra tree trimmers and initiated an instant response plan. in other word, they're lining up all their resources to react to the damages the storm will leave behind. >> we're doing everything we possibly can to prepare, but i ask our customers to prepare as well. it's about people's lives that are impacted. we're going to do our part, but everyone has to play a role. >> reporter: stocking up on nonperishables, water, flashlights and other essentials is all these potomac resident can do in anticipation of what many are calling the frankenstorm, but as for the power? >> we shall see. >> reporter: back live here i want to get you caught up on a couple things. we heard from the maryland public service commission. they say effective immediately utility companies will no longer be able to charge its customers for power loss following the first 24 hours after a significant weather event, in this case a storm.
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we've also checked in with bge and dominion power in virginia. they both say they're also requesting additional crews to come into town to be waiting on stand-by to respond to this storm and they're also asking folks to do their part to be ready and brace themselves for what's coming. live in potomac, ken molestina, 9news. >> brace ourselves and i guess be patient. let's get over to scott broom who is live in ocean city, maryland, where coastal residents are also getting ready for whatever sandy may bring at them. scott. >> reporter: well, they still got a couple of days of good weather coming up including today. so there's a watch phrase down here right now. it is prepare but don't panic. >> taking the boat out getting ready for the storm. >> reporter: in ocean city ma preen a workers are scrambling to secure -- marina workers are scrambling to secure boats for
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worried owners. the city is bagging sandbags for possible street closures, tying down rows of lifeguard chairs. on the boardwalk lots of visitors are aiming to squeeze out a full weekenand beat the storm. >> i think it's coming, but i'm going to be gone. >> we're staying here for the redskin game. >> first we're going to batten down the hatches here. then we'll batten down the hatches home. >> i've got 20 sets of keys in my car going to my friends' condos and taking in their patio furniture,nything that can blow away. >> reporter: the mayor says everyone is in watch and wait storm. >> it's a big storm. we faced that with irene and because of the size of the storm, it's a little questionable exactly where it's going to be and how big it really will be. this particur time we have no plans to evacuate ocean city. we have to makedecisions with regard to our residents and visitors. we'll certainly be prepared to do so. >> reporter: so the time frame down here is take advantage of the good weather while they
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ve it. it looks like if they'll have to make some serious decisions, they'll be doing that starting saturday evening into sunday so people can make plans and move if that's what the decision is going to be. that's a similar situation throughout the communities up and down the coast here in maryland and also in delaware. in fact, this weekend at rehoboth beach a big civic celebration called the sea witch -- that's a halloween theme event -- that's going to draw 20 to 30,000 people into town in rehoboth and there are no plans to cancel that now, but folks will have to watch very carefully and i think a lot of people will want to leave the coast sometime early to mid-sunday. reporting live at ocean city scott broom, 9 news now. >> yeah. those plans may need to change. thank you. echoing what scott just said, you might want to take advantage of this weekend to get your home in order in the event you lose power. our surae chinn takes us through what to do now so you aren't left in the dark later. >> reporter: many of us know
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what it's like to be in total darkness. that's why it's crucial to have your home protected and stocked up with candles or flashlights. it's important to take care of any tree trimming you need to do. don't forget to clean out those gutters. charge your phone. fill up your bathtub in case the water supply goes dry. now would be a good time to eat or drink what's in the refrigerator. empty your fridge, but fill up the tank and buy some ice. >> have to get ready after we get home and we better be ready. >> reporter: now off to the grocery store. here's where you want to pick up a three-day supply of food. grab some extra dog food, charcoal and wood. pick up some canned food. >> batteries and don't forget your munchies. >> reporter: make sure you've got plenty of water. >> definitely water and wine, have all the chips and munchies and gourmet cheese that you would like to weather out this storm. >> reporter: blocks of dry ice is not only a hot commodity
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which is what we're looking at for halloween, but also for storm prep. this is about 7 pounds which in your freezer should last about one day. keep that in mine that. cost me about 14 bucks -- mind. that cost me about 14 bucks. on the flip side you might want to have boiling water in case you're on a boil order or you're on well water, so that's always good to have. that's why you have the bathtub full of water. you've got candles, batteries. >> i saw people stocking up on this at the re aid today. >> lots of water and a can opener. sometimes you've already got the automatic opener, but you want one that's hand-held. >> you don't want to be looking for it in the dark. >> you kind of want that kit ready to go now a couple days before the storm hits. that's when you want to have it right there with you. you're not in the dark. >> great advice, some easy things people can do now. >> yeah. got that dry ice. i learned that from the derecho.
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>> no matter where you are we've got ways you can make sure you're informed about where the storm is. meteorologist erica grow is in the web have to show you how. >> even if you lose power during the storm, you can still turn to 9news around the clock for paul the information you need. we'll -- all the information you need. we'll always have the latest updates on and while we're on the air we'll be streaming live on our website, too. you can see here this is the homepage of and right at the top is the hurricane tracker. you'll also find other information including your forecast. right now it's from topper. i'm going to be joining you for a web chat coming up in a little bit and we will continue to keep you updated through both facebook and twitter. we'll have storm reports and other useful information. you can follow us on twitter at wusa9 at topper's weather for topper, at erica grow for me and we have our own facebook pages, too. we want to remind you that
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we've made it easy for you to track the storm on your smartphone. you can just text sandy to 25543 and that way you'll be able to download the wusa weather app and get important text updates. earlier today i got text messages about both the governors of maryland and virginia declaring states of emergency and that came to me right on my phone because i downloaded that app. so wherever you are during and after the storm you can turn to wusa9 on the air, on the web and on your phone for the very latest information you need to know to keep you and your family safe. >> we are going to be ready. >> yup. >> we've got much more on sandy coming up throughout our newscast. but first we hit the campaign trail. >> coming up we take you to a northern virginia county that could ultimately decide who our next president will be. >> we're still digesting new information on sandy. we'll talk about where she's going to head and what you can do to prepare and the timetable
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for when the highest winds hit the metro area.
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out on the campaign trail today the presidential candidates each putting their own spin on some new economic numbers. the white house says the numbers show the country is heading in the right direction because the economy expanded a bit faster than most experts had predicted, but today in ames, iowa, republican mitt romney said the economy is still not going fast enough under the president's policy. >> last quarter our economy grew at just 2%. after the stimulus was passed the white house promised that the economy would now be growing at 4.3%, over twice as fast. >> we believe for americans to succeed the middle class has to be rebuilt and grow. it's the only way the working
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class has a way up. >> the president was off the campaign today after wrapping up a couple days of touring the battleground states in cleveland last night. new polls show romney is gaining on the president in colorado and nevada and pulling ahead in virginia. tonight our week long tour of battleground virginia brings us closer to home to one of the hotly contested counties in the commonwealth. >> prince william county has a complex diverse population marked by tremendous growth over the last decade. our andrea mccarren reports from manassas. >> reporter: not since the battle of bull run has there been such a focused fight. we know prince william county is a critical battleground and to punctuate its importance both presidential candidates will be here in the next few days to rally their troops. >> i'm a volunteer with president obama for washington campaign. >> reporter: the battle lines are drawn. every foot soldier deployed. >> i just wanted to call to see
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if you're coming in tonight to help make phone calls. >> reporter: in a ground war so intense history is being made yet again in virginia. >> i'm going to rally among my family, my children, my friends to go and vote for president obama. >> reporter: an immigrant from sierra leone is passionate about president obama and eager for election day, her 47th birthday. >> i wish he won that day. will be jumping up and down for joy. >> reporter: this 1 just as excited but for romney. >> we've got someone who is going to look at the economy and the growth of the country and get it back to where it used to be. >> reporter: both women plan on attending upcoming campgn events, president obama with president clinton money. >> i love both of them. >> reporter: governor romney will be at a rally in haymarket this weekend. >> so excited. sunday is the big day. >> reporter: 20% of prince
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william county residents are hispanic. but the area is a contrast, the east side heavily populated with new immigrants, the west side seeing dramatic growth in upper middle income families. >> regardless of the influx of money, regardless of the advanced technological aspect to the campaign, the microtargetting of the very slim constituencies we're still seeing a lot of the remnants of campaigns from bygone eras, you know, can you get your base fired up? >> reporter: 12 days until election day and the campaigns are fighting for every vote. >> i want to thank you for your time. >> reporter: here in prince william county voter turnout will be crucial. historically women voters turn out in higher numbers than their male counterparts. we'll look at the importance of their vote as we head to another local battleground, loudoun county. in manassas andrea mccarren, 9
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news now. prince george's county executive rushern baker and local business leaders gathered today at the site of the proposed casino at national harbor. they're urging support for question 7 which would expand gambling in maryland. the event was part of the kickoff of maryland's early voting period that begins tomorrow. opponents of the referendum say there's no guarantee funds generated by gambling would end up going toward education. because of the impending hurricane, the governor's office says it may have to change the early voting schedule. to get a list of early voting sites in maryland and the district, log onto our website, we've got breaking news. senate majority leader harry reid has been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after what appears to have been a rear end crash on an interstate through las vegas. no word yet on his condition, but this accident happened this afternoon on i-15. police say six vehicles were involved in the apparent chain reaction crash including two
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vegas police vehicles, two civilian vehicles and two capital police vehicles. wow. >> hope he's okay. last night, topper, we said it was about a one in four chance of the worst happening, but as we get closer, we now see things are deteriorating a bit. >> i'd probably say 30, 30 five% chance now. we were talk -- 35% chance now. we were talking about this all week, but i think it is time to get the preps, get the batteries. we'll give you more tips in the weekend. we still have time to do this, too. the weekend in terms of rainfall, just a couple showers. the showers over the weekend have nothing to do with sandy. let's start with the track, show you the track again, 75 mile-per-hour winds, about 420 miles south, southeast of charleston and movement north at 7. we put it into motion. we see on saturday it takes its turn and it parallels the
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southeast coast. in fact, might even go down to a tropical storm on saturday afternoon. that's not that important for us. even if we see it weakening in terms of its tropical characteristics, that doesn't really affect the impact on us. don't get hung up on the fact oh, it's weakening now. it's going to really strengthen into a major cold core store monday night and tuesday. by sunday pack up to category 1 off the coast of hatteras. then it turns north and boom, a left turn northwestward into the delmarva. because this is a much further track than we talked about yesterday, there will be some problems on the delmarva. you are going to have a little more of an easterly, northeasterly fetch for a while than you would have if it came say between atlantic city and new york. that's not a good track for you. it's not a super bad track for you. look at how big the wind fields
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are. this is an important fact to remember that don't get too hung up where the center of the storm crosses because it's a big storm. the wind's in yellow, 39 miles per hour to 58 miles per hour and the winds in orange 58 to 73. you can see now by sunday evening some of the tropical storm force winds buff eting the outer banks, virginia beach, norfolk and also parts of the delmarva. by 1:00 monday we see topps force winds almost to 95, almost east of i-95. big time winds are almost offshore and this will take a left turn and pull these higher wind field as shore across the delmarva and metro area. we are looking at some -- fields ashore across the delmarva and metro area. the worst part of the storm is it's densely populated where it's going to hit and the wind fields are huge, 200 miles
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wide. sandy preps, bring in the patio furniture. boot the basketball hoop on its side and plug -- put the basketball hoop on its side and plug in the such pump. live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, cloudy, still pleasant at 68, nice for high school football tonight. 68 in rockville, 66 in fairfax and 69 in college park. so monitoring sandy, the threat still monday night and tuesday that. hasn't so much changed, mild tonight. keep your tee time saturday and a few more showers sunday. next three days we went ahead and went 9 weather alert code green tomorrow, seasonable, 68, some showers sunday 59, more showers monday 58, but the main event will be monday night into tuesday. we struggle to get into the low 50s on tuesday. that's when the highest winds will occur. even into halloween we'll have leftover showers. it won't be as bad but kind of
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cool and we slowly dry out next week and by next friday we'll have sun and temps in the mid- 50s. so i think it's time to prepare. the track is still not set, but it's so big it hardly really matters if it it's atlantic city or rehoboth. so i would prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> that's good advice. the father of a pakistani school girl targeted by the taliban called her recovery nothing short of a miracle. coming up we'll hear about their emotional reunion. >> up next rain or shine organizers say they are ready for the thousands of runners and spectators for this weekend's marine corps marathon.
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trough's opening at 5 a.m. sunday morning to -- metro's opening at 5 a.m. sunday morning to accommodate marine marathon runners. as many as 30,000 runners, walkers, participants are expected to participate in this annual race. >> the marine corps often refers to this event simply as the people's marathon. without these amazing individuals participating in the run, their motivations, inspirations, courage and commitment the marine corps
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marathon would be just another race. >> it is an awesome event. the marathon begins just before 8 a.m. in arlington and the course passes the washington monument, lincoln and jefferson memorials as well as the pentagon. a group of local bicycles banded together today in downtown d.c. to deliver a safety message to drivers. please don't make illegal u turns on pennsylvania avenue. it's endangering the lives of the bike riders. >> we have a situation here on pennsylvania avenue where the bike lanes run down the middle of the road and u-turns are prohibited the whole way, put we still have a lot ofiness -- but we still have a lot of incidents that people are taking u-turns and may not be aware it's against the law in this section of roadway. >> this was organized by the d.c. civic cycling assembly and bicycle space. coming up in tonight's food alert a famous kiddie restaurant gets shut down for health violations. russ ptacek looks at the reasons why. >> but next a mother comes home
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and it's just something you wouldn't imagine. tonight police are trying to figure out why a nanny would kill two young kids in her care.
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new information tonight on a shocking crime. a woman returns to her new york city home to discover two of her children dead in the bathtub and her nanny is accused of their murder. >> we're now learning the children's mother kept a loving
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blog full of happy photos detailing her kids antics and interests. >> reporter: as they lay bouquets of flowers outside, mothers and nannies alike describe what police say happened inside this luxury building at 75th and columbus, the ultimate betrayal. >> most of my days out there with them, so i know what she's going through. it's terrifying. >> reporter: 5:30 p.m. thursday marina krim returned home to find two of her kids, 2- year-old leo and 6-year-old lulu in the bathtub stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife. >> screams were heard by a neighbor who alerted police and who arrived and found her children dead. >> reporter: krim and her middle child were escorted out of their home by police covered by a sheet. now the children's nanny is under arrest, yoselyn ortega, who was wheeled away on a stretcher after trying to commit suicide.
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krim's husband, a cnbc executive had just returned from a business trip reportedly told the devastating news at the airport. ma preen a's blog is filled with thousands of -- marina's blog is filled with thousands of pictures and posts, lulu on the first day of school where parents consoled each other all morning. krim last posted 2:30 p.m. yesterday, three hours before she discovered the bodies. she wrote leo speaks in the most adorable way possible, most adorable of all, no thank you. he never uses no alone. it's always paired with thank you. back at the scene the memorial is growing. as for ortega, though police have not filed charges yet as she remains in the hospital, her condition upgraded overnight from critical to stable. >> the nanny remains in the hospital. police say they don't know how long she'd been with the family and no charges have been filed
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as of yet. the parents of that pakistani school girl who survived an assassination attempt by a taliban gunman are in britain now with their daughter. the last time malala saw his daughter was two weeks ago in a pakistani hospital after doctors had taken out a bullet from her head. he fought back tears at a news conference today as he described their emotional reunion. >> they were killed in our eyes and they were out of happiness, out of happiness. >> doctors say malala's recovery has been remarkable and they're hoping to have her family at the hospital and that that will help her recover even faster. malala was targeted for taking a stand against the taliban by fighting for the education of girls in pakistan. a children's restaurant known for its giant rat mascot is in trouble for non-rodent related health vices. hers russ ptacek with tonight's food alert. >> that plus -- here's russ ptacek with tonight's food alert.
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>> that plus ever wonder where those street vendors get their food? you're about to see a warehouse filled with food carts closed for violations and excuses other violators offer for the nerve to serve until they're caught. we drove deep into rural western montgomery county to poolesville and the subway on fisher avenue shut down for continuing to operate with no hot water. >> i did not know. >> reporter: aren't you trained to know no hot water creates a danger in the food world? >> yeah, that's right. >> reporter: so why did you stay open? why did the health department close you? was that a mistake? >> that was a little mistake. >> reporter: he showed us he fixed it by purchasing a new water heater after inspectors arrived. and proved he is the certified food manager on duty. officials say there was none during their inspection. just like public swimming pools are required to have a lifeguard on duty, public restaurants are required to have a food safety manager on duty and on the premises, but that's not what we found inside
5:35 pm
this southeast riverfront neighborhood restaurant that had just been shut down for rodents. the owner of sizzling express on m street southeast told us the food safety manager had gone to the bank. >> she stepped out, but i can help you. >> reporter: 10 minutes later the safety manager was back and she denied a rodent problem. >> the rodent problem? no, no. >> you know what makes mouse feces. >> reporter: she said the inspector was likely confused by the restaurant's black rice. >> we have the wide black rice and the grease on the floor and then looks dark. >> reporter: she said they spent two days cleaning and when we looked, we found no feces and no black rice. here in silver spring inside that chuck e. cheese's inspectors found several problems, but they focused on a floor drain oozing onto the
5:36 pm
kitchen floor. chuck e. cheese's was cited for operating with no food safety manager, a sewage line backup in the dishwashing area and ordered customers out for their safety. >> that's not good. i'm not sure if we'll come back. >> reporter: you'll probably never go to wg food on wilt berger street northwest. it's dwarfed by construction on a shaw neighborhood side street, but it looks like the food may come to you. they wouldn't tell us where the food from this warehouse is going, but this is the second food cart that we've seen go in and there are more food carts inside. inspectors ordered the warehouse doors closed citing potential dangers including no hot water, a worker told us we'd have to talk to the manager. can you just tell us how many food carts and how many food trucks you serve out of this area? he claims the boss was stuck in traffic, but after two hours
5:37 pm
waiting for answers -- >> leave. >> reporter: you told us that the manager was coming. >> yes. but he'll not be able to come. >> reporter: so we waited two hours. >> i'm sorry. he's not here. >> reporter: so he's not stuck in traffic. >> he's not going to be able to come. he's stuck in traffic. >> reporter: inspectors cited rote end droppings and no towels or soap as hand washing sinks which officially were described as filthy. prior to our visits all those food places had passed reinspection allowing them back in business. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, 9news. well, this is a whole new meaning to the term lunch break. coming up a deer in a mississippi office building and apparently looking for some grub. top. >> well, we have some new information in the weather center. we'll talk about that when we come back. don't forget you can track the storm any time on our website stay with us. we'll be returning.
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caught on tame, some mississippi office workers -- tape, some mississippi office workers get the surprise of their lives when bambi comes crashing through the window of their business. one of the workers found the animal standing behind his desk when he got there.
5:41 pm
later on it was in the break room kind of leaping around knocking over tables and chairs, even trying to climb up on cabinets to get away. finally there's the folks from animal control arrive to save the day and lead the deer back outside to freedom. don't resist, dude. they're trying to make it better for you. now a totally different type of wildlife trouble. >> look at what happened to a san francisco news anchor while reporting at the world series. >> reporter: in 1989 the giants were in the world series versus the oakland a's. >> reporter: okay. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: hang on. hang on. you know, i have to tell you one of my goals in life, bethany, one of my goals in life is to make it on youtube and i think i just did. i'm on youtube. hello to my youtube friends. how are you? i'm supposed to go on from
5:42 pm
here? hey, darren, it's raining in san francisco. it's raining bird crap, if i may say that. >> we should replay that in slow motion. that's what i think. >> just another example of what doing live news when you're doing it, it just doesn't always go according to plan. what is she wearing on her head? >> that's a panda hat for one of the players who is the panda. >> got it. >> maybe the station will pick up his dry cleaning. coming up how a high school tennis player is helping autistic children learn the sport he loves. >> but first some gadgets you might not have thought of that may help keep you safe when the storm hits. we'll be right back.
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okay. we've been talking about it. so how prepared are you for sandy's arrival? some people aren't taking any chances. >> yup. near already out there buying up batteries and -- they're already out there buying up batteries and the gadgets trying to keep the lights on and the food cold. >> reporter: if you haven't heard about sandy, you've been living under a rock, but what are you going to do when the lights go out? that's why i'm here at eastern mountain sports in arlington with nathan who is going to help us. >> we've got a few things here that will help you get through
5:46 pm
a power outage. here we have a solar charger that you can charge up before a storm hits. you can also charge it up in the wall. that will give you one to two charges on a cell phone or ipad to help you get back online. >> reporter: what about this? >> it's essential especially for the power going out, an emergency radio and flashlight which can be handy for finding your way around the home. we have head latches. the best part -- headlamps. the best part is that allows for hands free. we have small usb chargers. stick that into your car. it works just like a coleman fuel canister at home. that will make sure you can't get sick when the water plants can't pump water of the one of the last things we have here is some freeze dried meals. i promise they could be worse, having something like this, a nonperishable item is good. >> reporter: if the storm comes and we do lose power, you
5:47 pm
guys will be here? >> we'll be here all weekend. we've for the plenty of gear inside and clothing to keep us dry. we'll be here. stop by and we'll do what we can to help you out. >> reporter: make sure you don't eat all the beef stew. >> when we get hungry, it's hard to keep around. >> reporter: thanks so much. >> who knows, we may all be headed down there before it's over. text the word sandy on your smartphone to the number 25543 and then you will get some simple instructions on how to download our wusa weather app which has all the information you need and this thing is evolving, right, top? >> it is. that's a good word because we're still sitting on friday and we're talking about monday night and tuesday. just saw a new model that keeps the storm offshore as a true nor'easter which would still impact us but much less so. nothing is written in stone. >> how likely is this model to come to fruition?
5:48 pm
>> maybe 10%. >> it's a chance. don't get your hopes up, but you never know. >> exactly. sometimes people do win the lottery. here's a look at the track now, category 1, winds about 75 miles per hour south, southeast of charleston about 400 miles. it will turn to the northeast and parallel the coast. so that's good. that will keep all the damaging wind and heavy rains off the southeast coast. we get into sunday and monday, it starts to turn and make essentially a left turn over the delmarva and back into south central p.a. this is not the worse case scenario, but it's a bad scenario because the wind fields are so large. even at 2:00 tuesday winds are 65 miles per hour. so again even though it becomes a cold core storm the pressure may be lower as it makes this landfall over the delmarva and it may actually be stronger than it is now. right now look at the wind fields. look how big they are, 39 to 58 mile-per-hour winds yellow, 58 to 73 in orange and into the
5:49 pm
red you've got hurricane force wind. we'll see some tropical storm force winds buffet hatteras and norfolk virginia beach sunday evening and also buffet much of the delmarva sunday night and mound essentially back to i-90 -- monday essentially back to i- 95. shenandoah, probably no big wins for you until monday -- winds for you until monday night and especially on tuesday, but for us we'll feel the effects sunday night into monday and the real big time effects monday night into tuesday. sandy prep, check your batteries and flashlights, charge your electronic devices, fill your prescriptions and twitter updates. follow us at our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, nice shot, cloudy but very nice. 68 is a bargain, upper 50s for the dew point. so it's a bit humid. that will keep it warmer tonight. in fact, for tonight -- well, currently 66 bethesda, 68
5:50 pm
rockville, 66 fairfax. for the football games tonight it will be fine. monitoring sandy, threat monday night and tuesday. mild tonight. keep your tee time saturday, a few more showers sunday, but even sunday looks okay. you can clean out your gutters and do some stuff. next three day 9 weather alert green tomorrow, yellow sunday and monday, 59, a few showers tomorrow, more showers sunday and more showers monday. next seven days a lot of rain monday night and tuesday, 52 on tuesday, even some leftover showers on halloween, upper 50s, back to 60 thursday, maybe a shower and back to the mid- 50s but with sunshine friday. so yeah, nothing is written in stone, but i think it is time now to prepare, always good to be prepared. >> yes, it is. >> it's d battery time. thank you, top. dave, a story that has nothing to do with football, nothing to do with the weather, maybe a little heart warmer. >> we always talk about football this time of week. we'll change it up a little. each week at a mclean virginia
5:51 pm
tennis court something fantastic, magical and enriching happens. children who have autism learn to play tennis, a social activity they may not otherwise be able to enjoy. diane roberts caught up with the local teen making it happen. >> don't worry. >> reporter: jason lerner is a 17-year-old senior at the potomac school in mclean, virginia. for two hours every sunday afternoon you can find him on the tennis courts teaching children with autism how to play. >> i have a brother with autism and so a while ago i started helping almost with tennis and i saw a lot of improvement. >> reporter: various studies show exercise and other physical activity helps those on the autism spectrum, but most organized sports aren't quite so open to children in this community. >> it's hard for them because on a team sport they're the one drag the team down. can you imagine if someone had
5:52 pm
done this for zach when he was 6? >> reporter: influenced by his own family dynamic, jason started you, too tennis for children often left out. the honor student asked his tennis buddy to join him and the autism society of northern virginia became an enthusiastic partner. >> it's so exciting to see them engaged, capable, successful at playing something. >> he encourages. he doesn't put pressure on. >> this is my mom. that's my mom. >> he gets them to try them and emma gets her to try things. >> reporter: the program is open to siblings because brothers and sisters help model the right behavior. >> so having them in the program together really helps because it motivates cameron to play better and motivates darren to play better. >> i love to play tennis. >> reporter: who is better, you or darren? >> i think me. i'm better than darren. >> we sank all the way to our shoulder. >> reporter: at the end of the
5:53 pm
week clinic every student gets a trophy proclaiming them you, too tennis champion, but the real prize is what the students and instructors share in the lives that are changed. for 9 sports. i'm diane roberts. >> the you, too tennis program has two sessions every sunday between 4:00 and 6:00. jason has been nominated and made the initial cut for washingtonian of the year. that is great. tell you what else is great. how about this jersey. time now for the wusa9 game on jersey give-away from now until the end of the football season, giving away the jerseys to our facebook fans. log onto our facebook page. tell us why you deserve the jersey and you'll be able to enter to win. the winner is randomly selected and announced on game on saturday at 7:00 this week. we're giving away the cooley jersey. there you go. got to have it. >> i'm a little upset because i messed up my hair getting this thing on.
5:54 pm
coming up on 9 news now at 6:00. >> reporter: people in huntington are worried the coming storm will send floodwaters from cameron run into their homes once again. i'm peggy fox. i'll have the story coming up. >> reporter: plus the new business called rivar when we come back, ladies.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a hair salon that specializes in the blowout,
5:57 pm
blow drying and styling your hair, that's it. it's a concept that's new to washington. the dry bar just opened in georgetown and bethesda, locations no. 17 and 18 for this unique business and as jessica doyle reports, the chain is spreading like wildfire across the country. >> reporter: step up to the bar and order a mai tai or a cosmo, but you won't get a cocktail at dry style in georgetown. >> there needed to be a place you could go and get a great blowout at a great price in a really fun place and the atmosphere was fun and girly and pampering and you'd be in and out in an hour. >> reporter: dry bar charges a $40 flat fee to wash and style your hair no matter length or texture. we compared that to nine other salons within a 1/2-mile radius of the new georgetown location and found the others were charging an average of $10 more
5:58 pm
for ablyout. an updo or up continue tini costs $80 at dry bar. it's $40 more on average at some salons, some charging up to 150 bucks. >> who is the woman who walks through the door? >> i think we run the gamut of everything from working women, stay at home moms. we like to joke around and say that our clients are women with hair. >> reporter: alia created dry bar after having two sons. the bar menu blowouts from the straight up to the cosmo were developed from her years as a stylist. what should i do today? what should i get done? >> i think you should go for the mai tai. >> reporter: my blowout started in the consultation chair with brandy smith. my hair was washed and then it was time for the mai tai blowout. while stylists worked, other folks read magazines, charged their iphones and ordered mimosas. lots of volume and shine in just 45 minutes. if you get addicted to their
5:59 pm
blowouts, dry bar offers monthly memberships and value packs. you can buy a 12-pack for $440. that will save you 40 bucks. i'm jessica doyle, 9 news now. this is 9 news now. sandy, windy, rainy, you name it, hurricane sandy is bearing down on the east coast and we could very well be in the crosshairs. tonight virginia, maryland and d.c. have declared states of emergency and topper is tracking the latest developments in the weather center as we speak. top. >> we just spoke a couple minutes ago about one model keeping it offshore. we have another model that also tried to keep it more as a true nor'easter that. would spare us the super damaging winds. nothing is written in stone yet, but that's one scenario. we talked about this yesterday. sandy has winds of 75 miles per hour now. she's 420 miles south, southeast of charleston. let's go over our scenario. no.

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